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Flag State safety inspections are performed in the SE Asian region for Antigua & Barbuda Flag vessels under our contract with Marcare of Bremerhaven, Germany.

The Morris Marine Services’ team of experienced professional Marine Consultants is engaged regularly to oversee the loading and discharge operations of many varied types of heavy lift cargoes, onto both self propelled heavy lift vessels and non-propelled barges.

Our role in interventions of this type, would normally begin in the planning stage, when vessel suitability for the proposed cargo, is assessed. An analysis of the carrying vessel’s stability will be performed together with a seafastening analysis to ensure the safe and un-eventful delivery of the cargo at the final destination.

Following the supervision of both the loading operations and securing of the cargo, a Voyage Lashing Certificate or a Towage Approval Certificate would be issued to the principal.

Where heavy lifts are being moved in a towage mode, we provide services to monitor the progress of the voyage, assessing the weather patterns en-route and advising on alternate routes to be taken, to ensure the safe execution of the voyage.

On and off hire condition and bunker ROB surveys are performed by our staff of Senior Marine Surveyors on a regular basis acting for either the vessel owners or charterers, and on some occasions, the survey is conducted in the interests of both parties to the Charter Party. These surveys are conducted on ocean going vessels, tugs and barges.

Pre-charter condition surveys are also performed, where our surveyors are required to assess the condition of the vessel and the suitability of the vessel for specific cargoes in accordance with the instructions we receive from the prospective charterer of the vessel. In surveys of this type, we will meet with the prospective charterer, prior to attendance on board the vessel, to ensure that all the requirements of the client are clearly defined and understood by both parties.

Pre-purchase and valuation surveys are also performed on behalf of prospective buyers of vessels, to assist in their negotiations for the purchase of the vessel.