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The Managing Director of both Nortas and Morris Marine Services is Captain Bruce Morris, who has been engaged in the Marine Industry since 1959. As Principal Surveyor for both companies, Captain Morris has, over the past 15 years, been involved extensively in the transportation of quay cranes, rubber tyre gantry cranes and other container handling equipment on behalf of both the equipment owners and their underwriters. These projects have involved transportation of cranes in Europe, The Americas and The Far East including Australasia.

Due to the development of this expertise, Morris Marine, has over the past five years, been engaged by prospective container terminal owner/ operators, to conduct assessments on the condition and market value of all container handling equipment within terminals for numerous clients. Interventions have been performed on a worldwide basis, including assessments in UAE, India, Yemen, Djibouti, Turkey and The Dominican Republic.

Over the past fifteen years, the staff of Morris Marine Services has been extensively involved in the loading, transportation and discharge, of container quay cranes, rubber tyre gantry cranes, reach-stackers, straddle carriers and all other types of container handling equipment, on behalf of the equipment owners and their underwriters.
Work of this nature has been performed in Europe, The Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, The Far East, Australia and the Americas.
Prior to the transportation of any crane, an assessment of the structural condition of the crane is always performed. The market value of the particular crane or equipment is also assessed at that time.

Supervision of loading, securing and discharge of these units is performed only after we have carried out a full finite element and space frame analysis of the structure, together with a sea motion analysis. Where cranes are to be loaded using a skidding method, a ballasting sequence will be prepared, to ensure stability of the carrying vessel during the loading operations. Deck strength checks are also performed to enable the correct positioning of the unit on the barge.

Due to our extensive experience in the assessment of the condition of container handling equipment for transportation purposes, Morris Marine staff has, over the past fifteen years, developed an extensive data base of equipment values, which can be used to place market valuations on all types of container handling equipment.

Our team of Technical Consultants is regularly engaged to assess the condition of equipment within container terminals around the world, prior to preparing valuations which reflect both the present value, plus future value and replacement costs.

Container quay cranes are, due to their close proximity to the edge of the quay, often contacted by vessels berthing at the container terminals.

Contact damage to the quay cranes can vary from minor indentations to major damage where the crane can be classed as a constructive total loss.

The insurance underwriters for both the cranes and the vessels involved, engage Morris Marine Services on a regular basis, to assess the damage sustained and to advise on repair and replacement costs.